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My True Story!

Cyber Detective Takes You Beyond What Search Engines Can Do.
Investigate your Family Tree and Genealogy !

Stop Wasting Your Time on a search engine to Nowhere!

Locate Missing Persons, find Lost Relatives, obtain Addresses and Phone Numbers of old school chums, even Skip Trace Dead Beat Spouses. This is not a Private Investigator, but a sophisticated SOFTWARE program DESIGNED to automatically CRACK YOUR CASE with links to thousands of Public Record databases.

Cyber-Detective v4.26 is an incredible program that will allow you to uncover anything you want to know about your doctor, boss, friends, neighbors, lover and even yourself. You can do searches on anyone in total privacy.

It's 100% legal and no one will know what you are doing!
It's also great fun! :)

Cyber-Detective v4.26 runs on Windows 95/98 and is compatible with all internet browsers and services (AOL, Netscape, AT&T, Internet Explorer, etc).
So easy you will be using it immediately!

  • Uncover Your OWN Family History! 
  • Find Birth, Death & SOCIAL SECURITY Records!
  • Find UNLISTED Phone Numbers!
  • Investigate Your Own CREDIT REPORTS!
  • Track Someone's Internet Activity To See EVERY Site They Visit!
  • Uncover Exciting Job Opportunities World Wide!
  • Find Anyone's Phone Number, E-Mail or Mailing Address!
  • Looking For An Old Classmate? - FIND Them With Cyber-Detective!
  • Track Anyone's Newsgroup Postings!
  • Surf Anonymously On The Net - Leave No Trace!
  • Get Your Own FBI file and see what BIG BROTHER knows about YOU!
  • Learn How to Protect Privacy at Home And on the Internet!
  • Check The Internet's Better Business Bureau!
  • Visit Software Piracy Sites- See What These People Are Doing!
  • Pull Up Someone's Criminal Record!
  • Search Criminal Databases - Find The DIRT if it's There!
  • Make Sure That New Employee Has Nothing to HIDE!
  • Send Anonymous E-Mail So You Can't Be Traced!
  • Are Your Phones Tapped? - Here's How To Find Out!
  • Track Down People Who OWE YOU Money - Find Their Assets!
  • Visit Virus Distribution and Prevention Sites - Protect Yourself!
  • Get Inside Secret Sites That Other People Will Never Find!
  • Search the Underground Bookstores For Hidden Information!
  • Find Unusual Products and Spy Related Gadgets!
"This software truly surprised me. It puts power in everyday people's hands like never before. Some of the sources revealed shocked me to say the least". Allen Says,

Free Bonuses!
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"Insiders Guide To Unclaimed Money Toolkit!"
Runs on Windows 95/98

The Insiders Guide To Unclaimed Money Toolkit reveals the billions of dollars the US government is holding waiting for millions of Americans to lay claim to. Do you have money waiting? If so, this software will help you findit!

Plus! Get 3 Information Packed eBooks and a software program that will let you lock files on your computer to hide them from prying eyes . Click Here to see the bonuses you get immediately with your order.

Available only for Windows users. MAC versions NOT available.
Programs are executable files. Just doubleclick to install and enjoy!

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Be Doing Your Own Investigations In Less Than 5 Minutes!
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100% Money Back Guaranteed!

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