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The Hardatwork2001 Ezine                                                                                 Vol. 1. Issue 1.

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Today's Famous Quote:
"Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration."
-Thomas Alva Edison 

Topic: Newsletter Tips, Tricks, & Tools Report!
Vol. 1. Issue 1.

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In This Issue:
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Topic Questions & Answers
No-To-Low Cost Advertising
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Hi Friend!
In this ezine, I'll be answering questions that many of my associates have asked.

If you have a specific questions, feedback,
comments, or concerns email it along with
your FREE 4 line ad, send

Today's questions:
I have a storefront, but I don't have a website. 
How can I make money on the internet immediately?
I have a newsletter, ezine, or eNewsletter. How can I increase my mailing list and make a lucrative profit?

Question 1:
I have a storefront, but I don't have a website. How can I make money on the internet immediately?

As always my objective is to helps as many people as possible. There are several ways to earn money on the Internet. To name a few no-low-cost strategies...

If you're looking for products to sell for your storefront, website and/or newsletter. is a great place to find
products to sell. Not only are their prices wholesale,
they will send the shipment directly to you and/or your

Sell your products and services on eBay!
For more information visit: 
Jim also pays a 50% commission to his affiliates. 

You can also get a free website by becoming an affiliate.
Most are free to join. You get your website, and a 
commission percentage per sale. Some also pay-per-click.
You get a fixed amount per lead for each new person who joins the database. If you're thinking about increasing your revenue on the internet, here's a program that has earned people like yourself literally thousands of dollars. Take a look at: 
Click affiliate program located at the top of the page
and you will see that they not only pay 45% 
commission for 99 years, this affiliate program allows you to earn commissions ($133) from your sales, and also on the sales from other affiliates who you refer! They have real-time commission tracking, promotional tools, instant 
notification of sales, it's free to get started, and you also
get a website.

Even if you don't have a website you can always start 
your own newsletter & sell advertising in it (top ads $100, solo ads $100). Write about your business, hobbies, family, products, services, movies, expertise, schools, book clubs, groups, the stock market, universities etc. I hope
these words stir-up your creative juices. If you're not a writer you can always get free articles to publish in your newsletter from 
They offer an ezinebuilder, free content & free articles.
After building your mailing list you can get paid by 
your subscribers, by charging an one-time annual fee.
Anywhere from $84-$190. It depends on the information
you provide.

Do you have a mailing list? Generate sales & leads for
other companies & get paid. Instead of paying $15 in 
advertising to acquire a new customer. Have them pay you
$1 when a new person joins they're mailing list and
20% commission on each sale you make.

Question 2:
I have a newsletter, ezine, or eNewsletter. How can I increase my mailing list and make a lucrative profit?

Building your mailing list is important no matter what
business you're in. People publish periodic newsleters/ezines to give people a good reason to sign-up for their mailing list, to announce events, 
contest, promotional offers and updates, to offer products, services, & affiliate programs, to be perceived as an expert and give their business, club, and/or group credibility. Here are a few no-to-low cost 

So you publish a free ezine. That's good business, but
try publishing one paid ezine per month as well as your
free newsletter/ezine. You can start by charging $7 per month. That's $84 for an annual subscription per year. Even if you only have 200 (opt-in) subscribers that
equals $16,800 extra dollars per year. As your list grows 
so will your annual income.

Build your mailing list on other websites free.
List your free & paid newsletter, ezine, or eNewsletter
with free directories. Perhaps it would be easier
for you to print this ezine email message.
You will receive new subscribers every week and it won't
cost you one red cent. Here are some free newsletter

To get more recognition and opt-in subscribers, place one article from your free and one article from your paid newsletter, ezine, or eNewsletter in...  

Sell advertising space in your free and paid newsleter.
A top ad is the ad you see at the top of this ezine.
Top ads sell for $100. If you publish a free ezine weekly and a paid ezine monthly that's another $500.
Other businesses will pay you $100 to send their solo
mailings to your subscribers. If you mail a minimum of 
one solo ad per week to your free & paid subscribers,
that's an additional $500 per week. Let's look at our
advertising dollars using this strategy.

200 paid subscribers...$16,800 per year 
Top Ads.......................$26,000 per year
Solo Ads......................$26,000 per year
Total............................$78,800 annually in advertising
alone and more if you decide to send more than one 
solo ad to your free & paid subscribers per week! On
top of that you also get to sell products and services.
The earning potential is phenomenal!

Swap ads with other ezine publishers. Sell the top ads,
but swap one or two ads located at the bottom of your
newsletter/ezine. It's easy to swap ads...
go to 
Use the ads to promote a specific affiliate program, 
product, service, contest, subscription to your paid
ezine, or an event. 

You can also auction of any available ad space. Visit: 

Last but not least, E-Zine Blaze Pays YOU to promote your
own products! E-Mail thousands of fresh leads daily and enter into the infinite recycling matrix. Visit: 

Today's Free eBook
It's called "Proof That Hypnotic Marketing Works" and you 
may download it for free here: 

Today's Resources
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