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customized Greeting cards can design a custom made greeting card with graphics of your choice. Pictures will be scanned reprinted and returned intact. You may provide your own slogan. Pricing starts at just $5.00. We can also apply text over the picture, such as names or your logo. Say it with your very own words! Call: (877)579-7500 ext. 336.


 * Birthday * Congratulations * Get Well * Sympathy * Thank You *


*Stay In Touch*Encouragement*

*Events & Milestones*

*Comfort & Support*


*Animals & Nature*Arts & Literature* *Professional* Seasonal* *Religious*Special Occasions*

*Nations, Ethnic and *Regional*

Submitting Artwork


Attach it to an e-mail and send it to:

The best formats to send e-mail are jpg, or bmp at least 300 dpi.

Send your camera ready art or your existing product, you can either fax or mail the art. Faxing is of course the fastest; however, if there is a lot of fine detail in your artwork mailing would be necessary.


Our voicemail/fax number is (877) 579-7500 ext.336. We look forward to hearing from you!

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