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!! EARN AT LEAST $7,000 Monthly Easy--Get PAID Daily...

Anyone who joins this program and follows the guidelines, 
will make money.

The pro-safelist fee is $10 plus $1 per week thereafter. 
Prelaunch will give you extra time to get your recruits. 
Launch date is July 11 2003. 
All payments will be made through StormPay.
You will need a StormPay account to get paid.

No credit card needed at StormPay.

Here's how the safelist works:

All members will be able to post their ad to all other 
members once per day.

Here's how the affiliate program works: 

You will be given your own website to promote for 7 free days.
Those in pre-launch will be given the extra prelaunch days.
On your website will be five team member numbers with five 
email address beside them with StormPay links
(the cash is deposited directly into each members
StormPay account and everyone gets paid instantly)!
No one, other than yourself, ever touches your money.

Your number, email address & StormPay account link 
will be in the #5 position.
You will always be promoting for the same five numbers.

When someone joins off your site, they will pay all 
5 positions and they get their own site with their 
number in the #5 position and the person that was in 
the #1 position will be dropped from their site.

You will now be in the #4 position on their site so 
they will actually be promoting for you!

When they sign someone up, you will be moved to the #3 
position on their site and they will be promoting for you!

When they sign someone up, you will be moved to the #2 
position on their site and they will be promoting for you!

When they sign someone up, you will be moved to the #1 
position on their site and they will be promoting for you!

When they sign someone up, your name and email will be 
dropped from the newest signups' site. Obviously, the 
more people you signup, the more people you have 
promoting for you, and the more people they signup, 
the more people will be promoting for you!

If you get just one heavy hitter in the 4 levels below you, 
you could literally have thousands of people promoting for 
you and your cash directly deposited into your 
Stormpay account DAILY!

Payments for those who join during prelaunch will begin on 
launch day with the exception of those people still in 
their 7 day trial period.

Sign up as many during prelaunch as possible for a 
huge payday on launch day!!!

Let's look at the pay plan:
Here is how many people you could have recruiting for you 
at the break-even point of 5 members.

You have 5 members    People Recruiting for you      Money Each Day!

They each have 5 members                  5                                   0
(you're in #4 spot)

They each have 5 members                 30                                250
(you're in #3 spot)

They each have 5 members               155                              1250
(you're in #2 spot)

They each have 5 members             3750                            31250 
(you're in #1 spot)

Join today & welcome in advance:

To Our Success,
D. Thompson


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