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joint ventures                                                        

Dear Customers & Friends,

Do you have a specific high quality product/service with a good profit margin that you would sell? Perhaps we can join forces and split the profit 50/50? "If I show you how to properly utilize an asset you are overlooking and make you look like the "Knight in Shining Armor" would you be willing to share the new-found profits I make for you at a rate of fifty cents on the dollar?" 

My name is D. R. Thompson. I am a marketing consultant who specializes in creating immediate additional cash flow at literally no cost to you. Some of the websites mentioned on this site are specifically included because they have agreed to promote my website, products and/or services. Would you like to cross promote each others products/services? If you are interested in such an arrangement please email me at

Over the years I've developed a number of intellectual concepts which have proven themselves to increase cash flow almost immediately by using little known and overlooked techniques.

People from almost every business and industry have been tested and the concepts I want to share with you work in almost every instance. I will take the liberty to look over your business and am certain I can create a surprisingly large amount of cash for you. I will do so on a strict contingency basis. In fact, I'm sure I can find the perfect deal for you, I will put my money into the marketing of the concept.

All I ask is that you call my voice mail, toll free 1-877- 579-7500 ext. 336 state your company name and specify your telephone number, the day that's best for you, along with the best time to call so we can get together and get the show on the road. Otherwise,  email me and place "Joint Venture" in the subject line.

Please write or call right away so I can fit you into my schedule. I can guarantee that you will be blown away and quite surprised by how this new concept can add to your bottom line in a matter of weeks... I do all the work, and you reap the benefits.

Since I am very selective in the clients I pick to share this incredible concept I must ask you sign an "Intellectual Property Rights Agreement" before I can tell you any further details of the deal I have in mind. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


D. R. Thompson

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