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Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc.

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There was a time when such a suggestion was considered taboo, but today black women are considered “double-minorities” and they are definitely in demand.

     Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. is a minority owned contracting & construction firm based in West Philadelphia. Established in 1992, founder DaVida Edwards established the corporation as a result of a college assignment. Her major was business management and her assignment was to write a complete fictitious business plan along with a marketing strategy.

  • Without the first clue of where to begin, she started with her family.
  • Her Grandfather, father, uncles, cousins, and some family friends were employed in the construction industry.
  • Opportunity knocked for this minority after landing an outstanding grade on her college assignment.
  • Her mother encouraged her to implement the strategy laid out in her college assignment business plan by providing her with a small credit line and a quick prayer.
  • Her father, brothers, uncles, and cousins all agreed to work for her.

     Thus Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. was born. “Being a minority woman in the construction industry isn’t easy” says DaVida, “but with perseverance, Gods grace and mercy, the support of my family and friends the business continues to grow.” Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. has endured issues involving the exclusion of women from jobs employers whom believe should be held only by men. Despite the challenges Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. continues to persevere.

      The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission litigates cases such as EEOC v. Recon Refractory & Construction, Inc. (C.D. Cal. Oct. 27, 2005) which involved a refusal to hire women as laborers for a 2-month project at defendant’s Carson, California oil refinery.

      However, often black women are hired in the construction industry on the basis of a “double-minority” standard. This means the general contractor who subcontracts work to a corporation which is a black woman in the construction industry gets credit for having two minorities on their payroll. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals against employment discrimination on the bases of race and color, as well as national origin, sex, and religion.

      Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. continues to break these minority barriers by providing professional services and completing the project according to the terms and milestones outlined in the contract with the client. Moreover, she has faced issues where the primary contractor tried to influence her father to leave Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. and come to work for their company.

     “It happens all the time, says DaVida, after our clients see the quality of my father’s work they make him outlandish offers and give him all kinds of reasons why he should leave me and go to work for them.” My answer remains the same, says David, (her father) “No thanks, I like working for my daughter. If you have any further questions, please, by all means…ask her.” “Working closely with family & friends to build something we believe in” is DaVida’s favorite perk. Her father agrees.

     “We have great trust in each other, and feel that we’re all in this together.” DaVidas’ father, J. David Thompson is the project manager for Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. Her Grandfather has gone on to glory, but her brothers, uncles, and cousins continue to support and work out in the field for this minority woman in the construction industry. She spends most of her time in the office writing and taking care of the administrative duties. 

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  3. However, as a minority contractor the Equal Pay Act of 1963 requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment. Access the EEOC's website at to learn more about your equal employment opportunity rights. 

"Father & Daughter Owned & Operated Since 1992!"


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