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Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc.


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Boss Contracting & Construction, Inc. provides affordable home improvements, installations, remodeling, renovations, and 24-hour emergency repair service to residents and business owners in the Tri-state area. Here you can get your money saving coupons, free estimates, administrative support, telecommunication products and services, and view before and after photos of our projects.

Being a homeowner is not always easy, especially if you're a landlord. That's why there are TEN good reasons why you should send an email to
  1. You can get any type of renovation, repair, or installation done by us...this means one stop shopping.
  2. You can get the job done the same day or the next day...this means you can stop any further damage.
  3. Free in home estimates are available...this means you don't have to take time off work!
  4. We do all our own work, so cost remain low...this means you get reliable quality craftsmanship!
  5. No sales rep involvement, so it's affordable...this means we pass the savings on to you!
  6. Inspections are a must before your purchase; moreover, the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) will not allow you to rent to a tenant without having the property inspected...this means we will help you pass inspection!
  7. Labor is intense...which means you help aspiring contractors get their apprenticeship in the midst of all the hard work!

  8. Obtaining a quality, reliable, double-minority, (MBEC certification pending) and a member of the African-American Chamber of Commerce may be difficult to find...means you found us!
  9. Whatever can go wrong will go "out of order"...means we have to be fully licensed and insured to provide your emergency repairs!
  10. Give back to the community...which means you help us sponsor the "Marketing & Job Hunting To Benefit Children Charities Organization."

You're The Boss & We Look Forward to Working With You!

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