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Greeting and Free E Greeting Cards can design a custom made greeting card with a picture/graphics of your choice. Pictures will be scanned reprinted and returned intact. You may provide your own slogan, and we can also apply text over the picture, such as names or your logo. Say it with your very own words!

Visit our Custom Design Page for options on sending your artwork.

*Anniversary * Birthday * Congratulations * Get Well * Sympathy * Thank You * Special Occasions



Greeting Cards

Older woman; Actual Size=180 pixels wide

Joan has been with us for fourteen years and is still going strong. She enjoys skiing and swimming when she isn't spending her time behind the desk.

Free E Greeting Cards

Man in a Parka; Actual Size=180 pixels wide

John has been working at our company for over twelve years. He is a dedicated employee, and we are fortunate to have him.
4624 Lancaster Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19131