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Business Cards and Trading Cards

After your business card is custom designed you can view a sample within 2 business days. Perhaps you would like to upgrade to 3 sample deigns. Fill out a custom design request, add in $10.00, and within 3 business days you can view 3 unique designs (custom made) showing your business in different styles. Otherwise, try our pre-made designs. Visit our Custom Design Page. They can be customized within 24hrs. (on business days) and are often done sooner then this.

Prices are based upon 1000 cards designed, printed and shipped. These are rough prices, final prices depend on design and printing choices.

1 Color Printing Options
1 color printing: $75.00 to $235.00
2 Multicolor printing: $150.00 to $260.00
3 and 4 color printing: $95.00 to $265

Standard Plastic Fold-over Business Cards
1 color printing: $325.00 to $480.00
Color printing: $350.00 to $500.00

Standard Plastic Trading Cards
Trading cards can be sold to raise money for your charities, ministries, and/or special events.
$150.00 to $210.00

Just give us call...toll free...(877) 587-2082. We look forward to hearing from you!
4624 Lancaster Ave. 

Philadelphia, PA 19131